The Abundant Life Program

 18 lessons on the basics of the Christian faith, and how to put them into practice.


This short, self-teaching course uses an easy programmed-instruction method, and is ideal for nurturing new believers. Older members will benefit as they become surer of their facts. It will enable all believers to master a valuable tool for winning and nurturing others for the Lord.


  1. The new birth
  2. Repentance from sin
  3. Faith and forgiveness
  4. Obedience
  5. The family of God
  6. Filled with the Holy Spirit
  7. How to read the Bible
  8. How to pray
  9. How to overcome the Devil
  10. How to overcome the old nature
  11. How to overcome the world
  12. How to share the Good News with others
  13. Baptism
  14. The Lord’s Supper
  15. Members of a local church
  16. What is the “Church”?
  17. God’s stewards
  18. Led by God

The Workbook is spiral bound, with a simple question/answer format and “feedback” (answers) on the bottom of each page. Each unit has a self-test for review. It works well for individual study with a mentor, or for group study. The material is written simply enough for a wide range of people, even with limited academic preparation.

The Counselor’s Guide gives a leader or mentor valuable tools to prepare for each unit of the Workbook, and ideas for use in group meetings or individual study.